Our school will be taking part in National Sweater Day on Thursday, February 7th. National Sweater Day is an annual event organized by World Wildlife Fund Canada. On National Sweater Day, WWF asks Canadians to turn down thermostats by two degrees Celsius at home, at school and at work to highlight the role that energy conservation plays in preventing climate change. Our school buildings will be a little chillier on February 7th, so we are asking that all students wear or bring a sweater to school. In addition to turning down the heat and turning up our sweaters, our students will hear how everyday actions affect our planet’s future. We are looking forward to a cozy day in the school!  The Eco team is also encouraging students  to get outside and still have fun in the cold, including while you’re walking/wheeling to school or the bus stop.  Try to walk to school on Winter Walk Day which is on February 6, 2019.