I Walk To School

The YCDSB Active School Travel Team is requesting for schools to promote International Walk to School Month (IWALK). IWALKmonth officially starts on October 3rd, 2018.  IWALK month is an annual mass celebration of active transportation taking place around the world every October. Our school is joining the movement by encouraging all students to WALK to and from school for the month of October.  In addition, each Thursday in October, we will hand out IWALK stickers to all students who walk to school.  If students are too far from the school, we encourage them to walk for part of the trip; e.g.,  parents park away from the school and walk together.  If we have over 250 students walking each Thursday, we will celebrate by having an extra Casual Day, after Halloween on November 1st.  Please note November 2nd is a planned Casual day so that’s 2 Casual days in a row!  Bus students are welcome to walk around their designated school yard twice to count as a walker for the day.  We hope to see everyone walking!